Some Confessions

Some Confessions (do not judge me!!!)

  1. I eat entire blocks of Now & Laters (even when I’m not low)
  2. I guess how many carbohydrates are in new food instead of looking it up (I usually make an OK guess).
  3. I reuse lancets
  4. And needles
  5. I dose through my shirt/dress
  6. I rarely wash my hands before I test my blood sugar
  7. My worst a1c was pushing 10
  8. My best has been 7.2
  9. I am most mad at myself when I finish a pen at the beginning of a workday (and don’t have another to replace it)
  10. I’m afraid of using the Freestyle meter that comes with the OmniPod (I like my AccuCheck Aviva)

There is definitely room for improvement, but I’m pretty excited that the OmniPod comes preloaded with a bunch of common foods. I know it takes me all of 10 seconds to look up nutrition information on my phone, but with the pump I can select the food and the servings and BAM! Correct dose. I’m also looking forward to the possibility of having to use less insulin due to the pump’s efficiency. I will also look forward to not having to dose long acting insulin in the morning and evening.

1 thought on “Some Confessions”

  1. I don’t know what any of those confessions mean (except #1) but I do know that if my brother’s experience is any indication, you’re really going to like that OmniPod 🙂

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