Coffee Gaffe

I’ve been making cold press at night in my Bodum french press so that I don’t have to spend time brewing coffee in the morning. This plan will work great until it is -10 degrees Fahrenheit outside. At that point I will begin chipping away at the money on my Caribou giftcard and hope someone keeps realoading it for me until spring (when it gets to be at least 32 degrees).

Anyway, I felt pretty good about myself for measuring out the half and half every morning and getting that carb count correct. It has 3g of carbs in every 2 tablespoons. I use a half cup and there are 8 tablespoons in that. Once the math is done, it comes to 12g. My morning ratio is 1:3. 12/3 = 4 units of insulin. Then I put some sugar in it. Probably about a tablespoon. But I never bothered to look up how many carbs were in…pure sugar.

Tonight I had Erik do it. I actually wanted to save MORE time (a gain of approximately 1-2 minutes) in the morning so I poured my coldpress, added the half and half, and then added 1 tablespoon of sugar. I was estimating like 6g for the sugar.

Don’t laugh at me. Before you laugh at me try to guess how many grams are in a cup of pasta? Take a guess. If you’re a diabetic, your guess doesn’t count because you’ve probably looked it up a million times because pasta is mystical. I will tell you how many grams are in a cup of pasta at the end of the post. But the answer to the grams in a measly tablespoon of sugar? FIFTEEN. That’s right folks. In sum, I was dosing way too little in the morning and ending up high when I would test at 9. And now I am embarassed. On top of that, when I fax in my sugars I am going to have to admit this. Maybe they shouldn’t let me get the pump after all. I might forget how to turn it on.

The answer to pasta is 40g (on average).

1 thought on “Coffee Gaffe”

  1. Just looking at your ratios I can see why you have a hard time keeping things under control. I had no idea you were that sensitive. My ratios are more like 1:9 or 1:10. Four units of insulin for 12g of carbs seems outrageous to me, that would put me into a shaky, sweat-inducing low really quick.

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