Extra Supplies

In the last year or so I’ve managed to stockpile a bunch of insulin, pen needles, strips, lancets, and all that other good stuff. I wasn’t sure what my insurance/work situation was going to be until I was hired in my new district. I wanted to make sure I was covered with supplies, so I always filled my prescriptions even when I didn’t absolutely have to. Now I’m not sure what to do with it all after I get started on the pump. I hope I can find a nonprofit to donate it to.

Diabetes supplies are ridiculously expensive, and I can’t manage living paycheck to paycheck and having to decide between food, rent, or medications. It pains me to think about it, actually. I will ask Dr. K if she knows of any program that gives diabetics access to free or majorly discounted supplies. My supplies are factory sealed. I would even donate some/all of my pen needles if I can’t figure out a way to transfer the insulin from them into the OmniPod. I imagine I can extract the insulin from the pen using a standard syringe. The OmniPod requires a standard syringe to fill the pod prior to putting it on the body. We’ll see. I’m sure there is a black market for stuff like this, but I’m straight legit folks!

Also, sooner than later I will do an entry defining all of the crazy jargon that diabetics become all so familiar with during our tenure as freaks of nature.

1 thought on “Extra Supplies”

  1. Normally I’d suggest craigslist for selling stuff like this…but I’m shuddering as I think about the gray market that must exist for unused medical supplies. Good call on trying to find a charity or other such nonprofit to which you can donate everything!

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