Last night I watched Under Our Skin, a documentary about the controversy surrounding chronic lyme disease. People who have it are living with chronic pain and neurological symptoms caused by a latent spirochete infection. The problem is that the greater medical community doesn’t recognize chronic lyme disease as existing. At all. So there are thousands of people who exhibit symptoms consistent with some sort of chronic disease, who may or may not have tested positive for the lyme spirochete, and who are being denied care or are being treated inefficiently/inadequately because some dudes wrote a paper saying that there isn’t evidence that lyme disease can be chronic. The problem with those dudes is that they have a bunch of conflicts of interest (see the bottom of the article linked above). Several medical doctors who have treated patients with chronic lyme disease using intravenous, long term antibiotics have been summoned by state agencies (and testified against by those same dudes) and had their medical licenses taken away. Yikes.

I thought about all this before I ended up falling asleep. I’m thankful that my disease is rather simple to diagnose, and that there probably aren’t any (legitimate medical) doctors who deny its existence. Now, there’s a heck of a lot of controversy surrounding the cause of diabetes (witches?!?!), and the best ways to treat it (prayer alone obviously)…but no doc is going to look at a blood sugar of 745 and say there isn’t anything wrong.

Last night I was playing the “why me?” game, but now I’ve moved into the “at least I don’t have…” mindset. Both are questions people pose themselves when they’re grieving…but more about grieving a diabetes diagnosis later. Right now I’m going to be thankful that my last blood sugar was 101 and that I still have the feeling in my hands and feet.

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