It Came!

My OmniPod system came in the mail this weekend! I was at home with my family on Saturday and Sunday afternoon, so I bet it sat outside my door overnight. Yikes. I’m glad I live in a neighborhood where people aren’t known to pilfer mail. It should probably be shipped requiring a signature.

I opened the box to find the PDM and five boxes of pods. The OmniPod is a wireless/tubeless system. Everything from the insertion of the needle and cannula to the dosing of insulin in done on a little handheld device called the Personal Diabetes Manager. Basically, it looks like a brick cell phone from 2002. I set up the date and time and started to fiddle with programming my bolus rate. A bolus rate is the insulin I give myself when I eat. I couldn’t figure out the basal rate, or the rate of my ‘background’ insulin. Basal insulin is given in tiny amounts continuously through the day to keep my blood sugar steady. I guess I’ll wait for the nurse to program it.

I called early this morning to move up my training appointment. I am scheduled on the 23rd of October, but I don’t know if I can wait that long. I didn’t think I would be this excited, but it looks so dang nifty! I thought about opening up a pod and sticking it to myself…but those buggers are expensive (and considered medical waste).

Speaking of medical waste, I was wondering how I was going to dispose of the pods. Usually I put my needles in a thick plastic orange juice jug. I really like (the cheap) Parmesan cheese containers because one half of the lid is really nice for dropping needles and lancets into.

It turns out that OmniPod has a cool environmentally friendly disposal program! Man am I excited.

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