Stuck To Me

I went in a had my OmniPod pump training this afternoon. A nurse educator named Ann set me up and got me started. The whole 1.5 hour training session was a bit of a bore (since I’d figured out how to do 95% of the things she walked me through).

So the pod is stuck to me, but I’m having a little anxiety now. I’m kind of a tosser and turner in the night, and I’m afraid that the cannula (the little plastic tube that stays under my skin) will pull out and I won’t know it. I know it’s made for active people and what not, but I’m still being gingerly with my movements out of fear.

I walked around my house and gathered up all of my half used pens and put them back in the refrigerator. I emptied my needle bottles, save for the one on my desk. I gathered up my needles and put them all in my needle cookie jar, and for the first time in a long time I put the top on the jar. Now I’m waiting a couple minutes to test my blood sugar for my 2 hour post dinner test. I had pad thai curry (as projected) and I calculated that it had 20g of carbs for half a serving. Hopefully it’s a good number, but I know that there will be some adjusting to be done in the next couple weeks.

More updates soon.

2 thoughts on “Stuck To Me”

  1. Those things are sturdy. I’ve caught my pump on all kinds of things and I’m still able to placate you. Yer gonna adore the pump.

  2. The biggest problem I’ve had with my pods coming loose is when I’m asleep. I only wear my pod on my arms anymore, after testing abdomen and lower back, and sometimes if I roll over on my arm, the pod will actually tear off.

    Because of this, I went out and bought some sport sweatbands and sleep with one on my arm over the pod. I have never had one come off after doing that.

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