Last was the first night that I slept very comfortably with the pod stuck to my back. I have finally completely habituated to the pod. I don’t feel it 90% of the time. I have been wearing all of them on my back so far. Here is a handy list of pros and cons for the back placement.

Pros: People can’t see it who are approaching you from the front (…?), rather hidden under clothing, I don’t have to look at it, cannula insertion isn’t painful (if you’re soft there like me), is comfortable for sleeping if closer to the spine.

Cons: There is a possibility of it getting grabbed and torn off…while being tender with another person, looks like a tumor growing out of my back when wearing tight clothing.

I’m going to call it a wash. I think I’ll keep using my back for awhile. I might try the arm, but sleep with my arm shoved under my pillow and I’m worried it would feel weird. My cousin Phil suggested wearing a sweat band around it at night. I would forever feel like I was getting ready for an old school game of HORSE in 1974.

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