When doing anything on the OmniPod PDM it prompts the user with 10,485 questions.

My favorite question is after activating a new pod, it asks “Is the cannula properly inserted?” This question may be helpful for someone who has a spouse with bionic eyes, but in all reality there isn’t any good way to see if the cannula is really in there ‘properly.’ It is small (really small), clear, and the window through which to see it is on my BACK.

The prompts really should be presented in the following order:

Did you shriek? (yes) Did it hurt? (yes) Carry on. (okay).

3 thoughts on “Prompts”

  1. I found you have to have a really bright flashlight. Of course, the back makes it impossible. There are rumors of the canulla being blue in future pods. We’ll see.

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