Messed Up

Aw, man.

Last night when changing my pod, I stuck it on the wrong side of my back–the side that doesn’t absorb. I only realized it once I’d activated it and sealed it down really good with tape. I gave a correction dose right after I put it on and waited a half hour to see if, maybe/perhaps/hopefully it would work, but it didn’t. At all.

I felt like a dumb truck. The terrible part is I was cognizant that I had to put it on the good side–my left side. I was thinking about it and I still messed up.

If I get a tattoo, it shouldn’t be of my medical alert, it should be a giant X on my right flank so I can remember not to put pods there. The same kind of X I put on the tag of old/stained tank-tops so I remember not to wear them out. Part of me thinks that some night I’d forget that the X meant bad side and that it actually marked the spot where I should put the pod.

I’ve probably wasted about 7 pods (pod failures, bad absorption spots, pods not sticking, and the like). Mama chalks it up to the learning curve. I chalk it up to the left/right confusion I’ve had since kindergarten…AND good-old, home-grown…stupidity.

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