Puttin’ (Nutella) On the Ritz

Tonight when I got home from work I decided to eat 3/4ths a roll of Ritz crackers dipped in Nutella. That salty and sweet gets me every time. I should not be allowed to have Nutella in the house. My love affair started out pretty typically. I’d smooth it on toast or pancakes. Then I began adding it to my coffee. It makes a chocolate hazelnut mocha instantaneously.

One night while at my friend Sören’s house, I found a giant tub of it. It was like a jar of Nutella on steroids. Imported straight from Deutschland.  I searched for crackers, but all I found was salt and vinegar kettle chips. It was downhill from there. It tasted phenomenal. To the left is a photo of me eating said combination. This all happened before the whole diabetes thing. IT WASN’T THE NUTELLA’S FAULT!

Anyway, now I do a lot of stuff with Nutella now. I put it on top of brownies, cookies, and banana bread. It’s even shown up at a few rodeos disguised in cheesecake. I like it with chips, crackers, and plain french fries. I make it sound like I go through a jar of this every week. I could, but I don’t. It’s too expensive. I recently noticed that Aldi makes their own version. I’m afraid to try it. Brand loyalty too strong.

The problem wasn’t that the Nutella and Ritz was great, it was that after I finished…I had dinner.

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