Running High

I’m allergic to something and I’m not sure what it is. I’ve been having itchy eyes and a runny nose since the middle of summer. I have an appointment with the allergist on 12/6. I think it might be a dairy allergy.

I was doing fine last night until I had a slice of cream pie. BANG! The runny nose and itchy eyes hit me. I woke up this morning doing all right, but it happened again after I had my coffee with a half cup of half and half added to it.

I had some cheese at lunch that also seemed to exacerbate it, otherwise I’m just going crazy. Whatever I’m allergic to, I think it’s screwing with my blood sugars. I put a new pod on a couple nights ago and it was working fine up until today. I’ve been in the 300s since this morning. I’ve been correcting and correcting to no avail. I think the immune response to the allergies is making it tough to come down, like what happens when I’ve got a cold or flu.

Either way, I’m going to go home and have another slice of that cream pie. And then I’m going to pass out.

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