Pod Alarm

Tonight while on the treadmill, my pod started flipping out. It was on my arm, and it started to do it’s screamy high-pitched constant alarm noise. I consulted my PDM on what was the matter, but it said it couldn’t get a status from the pod. Something foul must have happened. I pulled it off (as it was kaput) and thought that it might stop alarming once it was off. No cigar. That bugger just kept screaming.

I banged it on the desk a couple times. Kept alarming. I thought knocking it out with a hammer, but considered the ion lithium batteries inside. I decided upon burying it the snow just outside the back garage door. Hopefully it’ll freeze up and die in an hour or so seeing as how it is exactly 0 degrees Fahrenheit out there.

A peaceful way to go on Christmas, I thought.

1 thought on “Pod Alarm”

  1. Odd that the PDM wouldn’t tell you what was going on, especially if you put it right next to the pod. This has happened to me once or twice, and the only way I can stop it from alarming is to pry it open and take out the two little springs which connect the alarming “speaker” to the rest of the electronics. It’s probably still trying to alarm at this point, but with the noisemaker disconnected, at least you won’t be able to hear it.

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