Mom, dad, and Beth came down today to help me complete a project I’ve been hankering to do for quite some time.

First, I bought an identical version of my desk on on craigslist. The old desk had been through a pretty rough move from Pittsburgh to St. Cloud and then to Eagan within a three month span, and it had the battle wounds to prove it. The desk is a great size for my room, so I wanted to replace it.


Second, I contracted my mom to get $15.00 worth of pennies from the bank, and my dad to get some strong glue from Home Depot. I made them do it because they have more time on their hands, and they like doing things for me.

Third, my family and I gathered around the desk and started tiling the pennies. An hour and fifteen minutes later, the entire surface of my desk has been pennied! It looks glorious. The photo doesn’t do it justice. It’s lustrous! And it still smells like glue. It looks good and I’m happy.

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