It’s official. I Crossfit now. Am I supposed to capitalize it? My box is called Crossfit South Metro. I guess I’ll capitalize it. It makes it seem more important. If you don’t know what Crossfit is, it’s a workout made up of constantly varied, functional movement, at high intensities. Basically, you go big, you go fast, and you go hard so you can move large loads, long distances, quickly. And you might feel like you’re going to die while you’re doing it, or when you’re done. But all the time you feel good after you survive it. At least I feel pretty good to be alive after my second night.

I’ve been doing a lot (a.k.a. some) reading on type I diabetics who Crossfit. I’m not going to capitalize it after all. Too may key strokes. The majority of type Is who crossfit say that they run high after their workout. This rang true for me this evening. I started at 170 (I didn’t want to pass out the second night). After I was done and cooling down I was at 255. I corrected, and I came down nicely. I didn’t like seeing that 255, but it was better than not being able to see at all because I collapsed. On Wednesday, I’ll see what happens if I start the workout at 120. Too daring? My fellow newbie is a nurse in a NICU. She’ll figure out how to save me.

The beginners class is 3 times a week for 3 weeks. After that, I get 2 weeks of unlimited access to the box. I’ll probably just continue at 3 times a week. Unless I become a beast (unlikely). Hopefully I gain lots of muscle, and become much stronger. So I can outrun muggers and be the best at helping my friends move really heavy furniture.

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