What is it?

When I tell people I’m doing crossfit, they keep asking what it is.
Uh. Hmm.

This does a nice job of explaining it.
This does, too.
This one might be the best. Thanks, Jordan.

Had a good workout tonight. I was high (200) before I started for some reason, so I corrected before I started. I shaved off a whole unit of the correction dose thinking I might end up low. After the workout I was 243. Weird. So I corrected again. I’m coming down though. It’s always going to be weird. Tonight we did lots of weight lifting. Cardio seems to lower my blood sugar. Weightlifting brings it up.

WHAT IF I DO BOTH!? Shouldn’t they cancel one another out and shouldn’t I end up back at 100?!? Things don’t work like that!? Diabetes doesn’t always make sense!? What!?

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