First of all, there’s no way theres 24.9g (27.7 – 2.8g of fiber) of carbohydrate in a banana. Every time I’ve dosed for 25 grams, I’ve gone low. Really low. Even when I’ve only dosed for 7 grams (that’s right, seven grams) I still go low.

Maybe bananas are magical. Maybe they somehow have carbohydrate in them, but don’t have an effect on my blood sugar. I’m not going to get into the whole glycemic index stuff. It’s not my timing, either.

Next experiment: test blood sugar. Eat a banana without dosing. Retest 15 minutes later. What are your predictions, folks? Will my sugar be higher? Lower? The same? Will I be able to calculate how many carbs are in the banana using my carb ratio (1:8 or 1:11 depending on the time of day) and correction factor (1:22)?

Let’s say I’m a perfect 100 before the banana. Then I eat the banana. Fifteen minutes later I’m at 136. How would I calculate the ‘amount’ of carbs in the banana (or really how my body is reacting to the banana)? HELP ME OUT MATH PEOPLE! If I can backwards figure it then I can dose correctly in the future.

Also, this post was originally titled “first of all.” I think “bananas” really suits it, though.

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