Fight Gone Bad

First things first.
I need more bananas.

Now that I’ve got that on the to-do list, I can brag that I successfully completed my first workout of the day (WOD) with the big fish at crossfit. By this I mean that I graduated from the Beginners course, and have been tossed, sink or swim, into all the glory that is crossfit.

This evening, I walked into a box drained of joy. There were no smiles and no banter. No one had their leg gracefully and explicitly parallel with a steel beam. No one giggled at having to forcefully hold their partner’s shoulders to the ground. Tonight, Fight Gone Bad happened.

Every workout with a “name” usually pops up relatively frequently. Most are named after women. They are all hard. There is a giant whiteboard at the box. It’s divided into about 40 squares. Each square bares the name of a famous workout. Annie. Fran. Angie.

I’m pretty sure there isn’t an Andrea. But if there was, it would be:

AMRAP (as many repetitions as possible) in 24 hours
4 hour nap
2 hours netflix
1 whole box of mac and cheese

There was always one box that I wondered about. Fight Gone Bad. I don’t wonder about it anymore.
My coaches kindly scaled it for me and I finished it 19 minutes and some cents.

I will comfortably admit that may I need to complete an Andrea to recover from it.

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