Today my patience was tested. Really tested.

I made a purchase from a corporate clothing store at the Mall of America. I purchased 6 shirts. Buy one, get one half off. Each was $20. Here’s the math. Three at regular price (20×3 = 60) + three at half price (3×10 = 30) comes to $90.

I had a $30 coupon. That makes it 90-30=60. My total should have been $60.

I was with my sister and we were hopping from store to store, so when my total rang up to $80, I sort of just went with it. It seemed high, but I didn’t examine my receipt at the store.

Well, they rang something up twice. So It turned out to be 60+20 ( the cost of an additional regular priced shirt).

I called the store manager today. She was confused by the math, but assured me I would get my refund. When I logged into my GapCard, I realized she had charged me $10 rather than refunding it. And it was supposed to be $20, anyway.

So I called again, and I walked her through the math, but she didn’t understand. I had her grab paper and a calculator and walked her through it, but she could not wrap her brain around how the store owed me $20. I think it’s because the $30 coupon I had was applied to all of the items evenly, and it looked as though I only paid $14 for the nonexistent, duplicate item.

I stayed calm, and walked it through her again. I told her I had to go to the gym, and she said she would figure it out. After I went to the gym, I got a message from a different manager. She assured me that she would figure it out.

I just logged into my GapCard account, and it looks like they’ve charged me another $10.

So now they’ve charged me $20.
On top of the extra $20 I was overcharged in the first place.
And I just want to cry.

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