Pull Ups

Last night part of the workout of the day was pull ups. I can’t do a strict pull up, but crossfitters do pull ups with a ‘kip.’ Its a functional motion originating from the chest that helps get the chin above the bar, but also assists when workouts require large numbers of pull ups. Here’s a nice explanation of why crossfitters use the kip.

I have had to scale my pull ups with the help of exercise bands. They are larks-head knotted over the bar, and one foot is slipped into the loop. The band helps support a person’s weight and gives them a little bounce to help get the chin over the bar.

When I started, I was using the thickest and strongest black band. Last night I moved on to a thinner green band! I know I’m getting stronger. The first night that I practiced pull ups, the instructor gave me a green band to start with. I couldn’t get my chin to the bar with the green band so she moved me to the black. Last night I did 21 with the green band.


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