School Aerobics

My school is supporting ‘wellness’ by sponsoring a bunch of different activities between now and the last day of school (June 8th). Tuesdays are Aerobics, Wednesdays are Moksha Yoga, and Thursdays you can choose between Volleyball and Biking. Also, the school’s weight room is open every day at 3pm. All of the activities are free, and you are entered in a raffle for a free (healthy, but probably not paleo) lunch one Friday afternoon.

Today is Tuesday, so myself and 30 other of my co-workers geared up for Aerobics. It is taught by a women who is certified in some respect. I think she teaches classes at the YMCA. The class is tabata style meaning you work for 20 seconds and rest for 10 seconds for 8 total rounds. Too much math? It’s 4 minutes total. Exactly 1 minute and 20 seconds of that is rest.

The class went well. It was difficult. We probably did 8 different movements, each for 4 minutes.

I wish the instructor would have told the class how to scale the movements. The first movement was push ups. There were probably 10 people that could do push ups in the whole class, with me being one of them. And I certainly cannot do 4 minutes of pushups even with rest.

I think a lot of people left the class feeling defeated or embarrassed. The class is publicized as a ‘boot camp’ so I get that it’s supposed to be difficult, that you’re supposed to work hard, and that you’re supposed to be sore the next day and the day after. Sadly, I bet the class size will be less than half of what it was today because people are telling themselves they just ‘can’t do it.’

I’ll be back next Tuesday. Hopefully, though, I can talk with a few of my co-workers before that and tell them how to scale the things that get too hard for them at the 2 minute mark, are hard for them at the outset, or movements that they just can’t do. They deserve to feel like they can be there! It’s those people that need this kind of work the most!

Adaptation is important. I’m going to argue that adaptation is critical. Not only does it still build strength, but it builds confidence. If crossfit didn’t scale things, I wouldn’t and couldn’t be doing it.

And I wouldn’t be doing what I can do today.

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