Basal Rates

For readers who don’t have diabetes, this post might not make any sense. I’ll give a brief explanation, so that if you decide to forge on and read that perhaps you can sympathize with me.

When using an insulin pump, you have settings called basal rates. Basal rates are how much insulin the pump gives you in little bits all throughout the day. The pump is always giving me tiny amounts of insulin. The pod makes a quiet ‘click’ when it delivers, and I can hear that click once every 20 seconds or so if I listen closely.

Here are my current basal rates (time frame: units):

12a-3a: 1.5
3a-6a: 1.35
6a-9a: 1.4
9a-12p: 1.1
12p-4p: 1.0
4p-12a: 1.1

That’s six different rates during the day. I feel like that’s a lot. I was going low between 3a and 6a, so (on the suggestion of Dr. K) I added the chunk of 1.35. It used to be at 1.4. The somewhat OCD part of me just wants to change the whole 3a-9a chunk to 1.35 to keep it at 5 rates.

I think the pump allows up to 20 rates. Nuts. Why can’t I just be at 1.0 all day?

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