Tires And A Scare

I drove up to St. Cloud this weekend to help my parents clean out their garage, and to help my sister clean out some of her closets. I’ve got a knack for cleaning and organizing. Sometimes it’s a gift, sometimes it’s a curse. What can I say? It’s probably less of a knack and more of a compulsion to keep things in order. Everything has it’s place!

On Saturday, I didn’t end up being a whole lot of help to my parents with the garage because ten minutes after I got out there, I got a phone call from my cousins saying that they had finished the Earth Day Half Marathon and were headed to get food and drink downtown. I love spending time with my cousins. They’re so great. Once I got back, the garage was finished. I called my sister and asked her if she wanted to have a go at her closets. It took us a little under three hours to get her one bedroom apartment looking pretty spectacular.

When I got home on Saturday night, my parents and the dogs were in bed. I like sleeping with Pippa and Nico when I’m home, so I went upstairs to get them. They did their usual “Who’s that?!” barking before hopping off the bed to greet me.

Pippa and Nico are both standard longhaired dachshunds. Dachshunds are built like little suspension bridges and are super susceptible to back injuries, specifically intervertebral disc disease. I’m a part time dog-ologist, so I’ve done extensive reading on how back problems can occur, how they’re exacerbated, what the symptoms look like, and what to do in the event that a disc ruptures. It can be a pretty dramatic experience for the dachshund and his owner. Sometimes the dog is instantly paralyzed and cries or screams in pain.

Right after Nico jumped off the bed, I went to pick him up and he cried out. He immediately sat down, and refused to move. I carefully scooped him up, making sure to support his back. I brought him down to my bedroom where I petted him. When I got to one of his lumbar vertebrae, he screamed out again. I got pretty scared and panicked.

I ended up bringing him in to the emergency vet. He seemed fine once we got there. He passed his neurological exam with flying colors. The only thing the doctor noticed was that he was tense in his abdominal area, which is common in dogs who have hurt their backs. Since he was walking pretty normally, albeit with his tail tucked between his legs, the doctor prescribed an anti-pain/anti-inflammatory drug for him to take. He’s supposed to rest for the next 5-7 days, which proved difficult today with Pippa around. It should be a little easier now that we’re back at my townhouse. Like usual, he’ll spend the day in the kennel while I’m at work. I’ll carry him down the stairs and (try) to lift him on and off the bed. Maybe I’ll improvise a ramp.

He seems fine now. He’s moving as usual, and I probably just freaked out last night. I feel a little stupid, but boy do I love that fuzzy wiener dog. I’d do just about anything for him, including footing a $138.00 emergency vet bill at midnight. That chunk of change paired with the new $500 Perelli tires I got put on the Honda made for spendy weekend. The tires were planned, though. I’ve needed them pretty much since I bought my car last August.

I’m ready to get back into the swing of the week. I’m ready to eat much healthier and more responsibly this weekend, and super ready to get back to my cronies at crossfit!

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