I called OmniPod in the beginning of March to tell them to put a hold on shipping me new pods. I had a bunch left, so I decided to wait. When I called on the 1st of April, the representative asked me how many pods I had left. I told her I had about ten. She paused and asked me if I could wait to have the next order shipped on the 15th of April.

It was a little curious, considering I was already a month past when they should have shipped my last order. I told her the 15th would be fine, and she enthusiastically responded, “great!” After the phone call ended, I had an inkling that perhaps the new, smaller pods and new PDM would be shipping out on the 15th. I wondered if the lady wanted to save me from having 40 unusable, old pods. And then I got really excited.

So I waited patiently until the 15th, and there was no box. And then it was the 20th and still no box. So I became very convinced that they were indeed going to send me the new system. Until today. When the box came. And it was more old pods.

And now I’m frowning.

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