I live in a community of town homes. Most are occupied by young, upwardly-mobile, people or elderly retired folk. I believe that cousin Erik and I have always been conscientious neighbors. We are quiet, put our garbage out and take it in at the right times, and don’t leave our garage door open over night.

Today it’s warm and pleasantly windy out, so I figured it would be a great time to groom Nico. We went out on the deck and I got a fair amount of hair out of him. The wind took most of it, but some landed in my neighbors yard. She came out in the midst of the grooming and snipped at me, “Excuse me, do you need a bag!?” I didn’t take it very well. I just smiled and said “no. It’s dog hair. And it’s a windy day.”

She proceeded to wander around her yard in her bathrobe (a.k.a. 9ft x 8ft of of concrete and grass) and search for dog hair, which she proceeded to take inside of her house. I wonder what she’s going to do with it…Maybe call my association? Maybe perform a ritual to curse me and Nico?

Perhaps I should start recording the howl-fest her two beagles have on the hour every hour. Any other suggestions?

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