When The Storm Ends

Sometime Friday night Nico herniated a disc in his back. He has hemiparesis in his back legs, and is on four drugs to help manage pain and inflammation. He still has deep pain sensations, and is continent (and is telling me when he has to go out). I don’t have $5000 to spend on neurosurgery for him, so I made the decision to go with conservative treatment.

Nico will spend the next 8 weeks on strict kennel rest. Only out to pee and the occasional snuggle in the bed or chair. Right now the muscle relaxants are helping to keep him calm and restful. I made up a spreadsheet to help me keep track of his medication dosing. It’s almost like I’ve done this before with insulin or something.

My blood sugars have been in the 300s pretty consistently since Friday night. I’ve been correcting both with the pump and with injections, and it’s only finally come down to normal this evening. Stress is pretty powerful.

It’s hard to take care of another being without forgetting to take care of yourself.

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