Drunken Sailor

Nico has officially been on crate rest for 8 days. He’s still pretty wacked out on his pain medication, but I can tell he’s starting to feel better. He’s giving copious amounts of kisses again and is moving around a little more.

Although I don’t let him move around in the house, when he goes outside to do his business he is allowed to take 2-3 steps in between going pee and poop. He’s using his back legs, but he definitely wobbles on them like he’s drunk. Thus, he’s gone from being a baby seal to a drunken sailor. I’m still carrying him from the house to the yard and back, and will have to do that for another 7 weeks. I’m pretty sure all that functional movement at crossfit has prepared me for it!

He’s been barking up a storm in the kennel when I leave, for which I feel bad. He usually wears a shock collar, but I’ve felt pretty guilty putting it on him since he probably is already experiencing some degree of pain. I asked cousin Erik today if he was bothered by it, and he said that Nico’s been barking a lot. So back on it goes. I’ve tried various approaches to get him to stop barking in the kennel prior to using the ‘zapper.’ I never make a big deal out of leaving or returning, he is never taken out of the kennel if he’s barking or whining. I tried the Sonic Egg which emits a bothersome high pitched noise. It worked for about 3 months, until he learned he could just bark through it. He’s just always barked when I leave. It’s his separation anxiety. With the zapper, he can bark up to 5 times before it emits a low intensity zap (I’ve tried it). If he keeps barking, the zapper ups the intensity little by little up to 10 levels. Nico rarely barks past the first zap, but he still consistently barks to the first zap. He’s an obedient dog, but sometimes his stubbornness gets in the way of his sense!

He’s down to only one dose of Prednisone (steroid) a day for the next 10 days. Then he will go down to a dose every other day until it’s gone. Hopefully his water intake decreases with the one dose per day. He drinks like a race horse, and has to go out at least once every 2 hours or he goes in his kennel.

I’m still praying for more and more progress. We’ve been lucky to have lots of good vibes sent our way. Nico’s a pretty special dog, but all dogs are pretty special. There’s something about his short legs, his long body, and his wavy ears that have melted a lot of hearts. Mine surely belongs to him.

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