For the last couple of weeks I’ve been running high. Typically in the 200s. So I went ahead and adjusted my basal rates, upping them by a tenth of at all of my different changes throughout the day. The sugars have been looking better, but I’ll to give it a couple weeks before I’m convinced.

I went up to visit the family this weekend. Nico was very happy to see Pippa. He was quite wiggly for the first day, but he eventually calmed down. He was still confined to the kennel, and would sometimes start to cry. According to my dad, Pippa would cry along with him until he stopped. Pippa’s “cry” was more of the howl she does when the tornado sirens go off, but my dad is convinced that Pippa was being empathetic. She often requested to go into the kennel with Nico by pushing her nose against the door until someone let her in. What a sweet girl.

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