Nico’s kennel, currently referred to as his ‘recovery suite,’ has two doors on it. One on the width and one on the length. Usually his kennel is in my huge closet, and the length of it is up against my laundry bin. I always secure the drop locks on the front of it with a carabiner when I leave. Nico has some pretty bad separation anxiety, and I know he spends a good 30-60 minutes pawing at the door after I leave. He then sleeps the rest of the day. He has successfully pawed open the drop locks that come on the kennel too many times to leave it to chance anymore. Thus the carabiner.

Now that his kennel is in the middle of my room, both doors are exposed. I haven’t been consistent about putting on the carabiner since he’s been too high on muscle relaxants to attempt escaping…until today. The funny thing is that I put a carabiner on one of the doors. He escaped out the other.

I’m pretty sure he spent the entire day going to the bathroom. All the evidence points to this theory. He doesn’t seem any worse for the wear. I can’t say the same for my carpet.

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