Site AHA

If you’re grossed out by medical stuff, please read no further.

In the past couple months, I’ve had some minor infections at my pod sites. I always use IV prep pads at the site before putting on each pod. I know I’ve got an infection when I feel a dull pain at the site 12-24 hours after I put on a pod. The pain level increases if I press on the pod or bump it on something. When I take the pod off, there is usually a small bump/welt at the site and also a little puss.

I always vary my pod sites, but when I get an infection on an arm, I don’t like to put a new pod on that arm until it’s completely healed over. I only really wear pods on my arms and the left side of my back (there are absorption issues on the right side). I have researched pump site infections and most of the information says, “GO TO YOUR DOCTOR RIGHT AWAY YOU MIGHT DIE.” I haven’t really found any posts about minor infections or the best way to treat them (bandaid vs. open air, antibacterial salve vs. just washing with soap and water).

The most successful treatment for these minor infections for me has been pretty simple. I always remove the pod as soon as I feel the infection starting. I wash the site with soap and water. Sometimes it’s an antibacterial hand soap, other times it is just the Dove bar soap I use in the shower. Once the site has dried completely, I apply a small amount of AHA+ (glycolic acid) from I use the ‘regimen’ and always have AHA+ on hand. I have also used a small amount of Amlactin (lactic acid) on the site. It stings/burns a little when I’m applying it to the infected area, but afterwards it usually feels just fine. I do not cover the site after applying the AHA+.

Each morning and evening I wash it and reapply until the infection has healed. I would say the sites are 90-100% healed within 24-36 hours. I have never had any complications from these infections, but it is not to say that an small infection could not get worse over time. I have never had mine worsen, and if they did, I would get medical attention for it. I am not a doctor, so if you’re infection hurts more than a well-scratched mosquito bite–go ahead and consult your medical professionals!

When I have a site infection, I notice that my blood sugars run higher. It’s probably got to do with the antibodies and the infection interfering with the ability for my body to absorb the insulin subcutaneously. If I move the pod to a new site, my sugars usually go back to typical levels within a couple hours.

1 thought on “Site AHA”

  1. I don’t know that i’ve ever had a site infection, but i think it’s likely. i’ve never seen puss at a site, but some times they do get sore and any pressure on them is noticeable. your thought about the infection influencing glucose levels is interesting. I have noticed that occasionally when i change sites it seems like my insulin isn’t working properly. i’ve considered kinks in the tubing (which has happened before and wound up costing me damn near my life) but perhaps it is some kind of infection in the site itself. i gotta do some research.

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