With Two

I’m sitting in bed with two dogs at my feet. Nico is at his regular post–the edge of the bed closest to the door, and Pippa is sprawled out horizontally across the end of bed. There isn’t a whole lot of room left for me, but I wouldn’t have it any other way.

Nico went in for another re-check today. Dr. Wood agreed with me that he has remained stable for the most part. She thought she saw some improvement in his gait, but that there wasn’t any reason not to go ahead with the LDA surgery in Oklahoma. I scheduled it with the OK State veterinary hospital for July 22nd. Oklahoma here we come!

Nico isn’t 100% back to his old self–but I’ll take it. He isn’t ‘wobbly’ per se, but he does walk a little funny. His back feet hit closer to his midline when we walks almost like he’s pigeon-toed. Interestingly, he looks completely fine when he trots or runs.  The best thing is that he’s not in any pain. We’re on week 7 of kennel rest, but it’s gone a little by the wayside. We’re letting him walk to get stronger, but discouraging the use of stairs and jumping on beds and furniture. He’s also getting physical therapy in the pool, which really just means we make him swim around the outside a couple of times with breaks in between each loop.

Initially when I brought Nico in to the vet, when his legs were all tucked in and he was pulling himself around like a seal, Dr. Wood told me that if it were her pet that she’d have the neurosurgery (that costs $7,000.00). Her vet clinic had no money to be made by choosing the neurosurgery route (she would have had to refer to the University of Minnesota), but here is no way I could afford that. I felt very guilty walking out of the hospital that day with Nico in one arm and a bag of prescription drugs in the other. I’m not sure Dr. Wood expected Nico to heal the way he did with conservative treatment, but I hope that she’ll pass on Nico’s story to the next dogs she sees with herniated discs.

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