Nico 2.0

Nico, my mom, and I are back in Minnesota in one piece. On July 23rd, Nico had his percutaneous laser disc ablation surgery at Oklahoma State University. The surgery went well, and Dr. Murphy let us know that they achieved the desired result…she blew up his jelly donuts!

Nico had 8 of his lumbar discs ‘ablated” by a laser. Dr. Murphy described each disc as a jelly donut with a doughy outside and a jelly inside. When a disc herniates, the jelly pops and oozes out of the doughy part where it’s supposed to stay. The laser hardens the jelly part so that it stays where it’s supposed to–inside the dough.

Nico looks like frankenstein only because they shaved his left side. He has no stitches, and the only visible sign of surgery are 8 tiny little dots that run parallel to his spine. So now that he’s had a system upgrade, he’s Nico 2.0!

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