After Nico’s surgery, he was prescribed Tramadol. I knew it was for pain, and to keep him comfortable, but I didn’t know how strong of a main medicine it was until I did a little reading on it.

I’ve noticed that he’s been acting a little peculiar–putting himself in the kennel, sleeping, and quivering when I hold him (almost like he’s cold). My guess is that he is as high as a kite. He has been getting 25mg every 8 hours. The bottle does say 8-12 hours as needed, so maybe I ought to scale him back a little bit.

The problem is he can’t really tell me if he’s still in pain, and I don’t want him to be uncomfortable. It does seem to help in keeping him zonked out and relatively calm/still. I guess I’ll just keep an eye on him. The woes of motherhood.

In other news, I tore some bad blisters on my hands the last time we did pull ups at the gym. I’ve never had my blisters tear before, and didn’t really realize how painful they are. I’ve been keeping triple antibiotic goo on them constantly, otherwise they open up when I open my hands. Washing my hair is pitifully difficult. It burns! I sure hope Nico and I heal up soon.

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