New Omnipod System

I just set up my new Omnipod system. Different PDM and smaller pods. It looks very much the same, save for the pod size. Overall the set up and application of the new pods was just as fast as the old ones.

There is one annoying difference in the PDM. Each time it’s turned on to do anything, it makes the user confirm that they’re the…user. Mine reads, “PDM ID – Andrea Dry Bones. Press Confirm if correct.” The tricky thing is that the ‘confirm’ button is never in the same place so it can’t become an automatic keystroke. It cycles between three different soft keys. It’s probably an additional feature to prevent people from ‘butt-bolusing.’ I believe I just coined a new term. It sounds absolutely disgusting.

1 thought on “New Omnipod System”

  1. I use Omnipod and redy to switch back to Traditional pump. Not sure who lese has these problems with Omnipod. I get pod errors oftenly and when you call the customer service, lately it has been taking over an hour to respond. I do not expect these kind of issue from a device like this……..

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