Sometimes, for whatever reason, a pod will malfunction and emit a constant high-pitched alarm . Most of the time the PDM responds and tells me something like, “Insulin Delivery Stopped. Change Pod Now.” Once I acknowledge it, the PDM is supposed to tell the pod to stop alarming–or as I call it, screaming.

Well, sometimes the PDM can’t tell the pod to shut up–probably because the pod is just in way too much distress. So the PDM says, “I’m ready for a new pod. Are you ready for one?” and the old pod just keeps screaming away.

There aren’t a lot of options to get it to stop. When it is wintertime, I chuck it into the snow for 2 months. I’ve tried the freezer, but it either isn’t cold enough, or the pods are too dang tenacious. I put one pod in the freezer for 2 days, and it stopped, but no less than 5 minutes after I removed it from the cold, it started up again.

I’ve also tried throwing the pod repeatedly at the ground. That is also not an effective silencer. The other option I’ve read about is prying the pod open and removing the batteries. I’ve actually never tried this, but the next time one goes off, I’m going to town with a screwdriver.

3 thoughts on “Screamers”

  1. Haha, there is a way to stop them from screaming! I had one do that while on the phone with customer service and she had me stick a bent paperclip into a tiny hole on the top of the pod. Now, I’m not sure if the new Omnipods have this same hole….but it’s worth a try! (I also had a friend take a sledgehammer to his, he said that works too.)

  2. Just came across your site… but I find it very easy to pry open the pod and pop the batteries out. I always carry at least a small pocket knife with me, so I use that or just a metal kitchen knife. I place the blade longways into the seam and then twist the knife, prying the two parts apart. Then you can easily remove the batteries and no more screeching!

  3. Go to the user’s guide, page 131 Alerts and Alarms. It will show you a picture with instructions how to “disalarm” your pod. I had one that I could not figure out the procedure so I crushed it in my workshop vise. BUT I then took an OLD/used pod and followed the instructions with a bent paperclip. Peel off all adhesive. Lay the pod down with the fill hole at the top, FACING you (it will be on the left). Go across the pod bottom near the RIGHT side almost even with the fill hole. You will find a small indent. PUSH the clip HARD into that. It will eventually burst and the pod will shut up. Remember there is NO OPEN hole to hut off the alarm since the unit is waterproof.

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