OmniPod Adhesive

It’s Sunday morning, I just got Starbucks with the cousin, and now I’m blogging in bed with the trusty steed, Nico, noodled up against my leg. It’s a good day so far.

Overall, I’m loving the newest version of the Omnipod system. I am still experiencing some weird pod failures, but I experienced pod failures with the old system, too. More recently, the pods have been failing while they are priming. Perhaps I’m not paying enough attention to air bubbles in the syringe. Either way, I think I’ve lost 3 pods total while priming, and another 3 or 4 have just alarmed while they’re on me.

Another thing I’ve noticed, but haven’t ever written about, is how the pod adhesive reacts with my skin. I noticed a small reaction with the old pods, but the formula for the adhesive must have changed slightly with the new pods, because I’m noticing a more pronounced reaction.

After putting on a new pod, I start to notice an itching sensation about an hour after application. The itch is localized to the area covered by the adhesive. Sometimes scratching around the area quells the itch, but often times it doesn’t. It’s not an intense sensation, so I’ve just been trying to ignore it as much as possible.

When I remove the pod, I try to do it as gently as possible. Usually after a hot shower when the adhesive had become water logged. Even when I take a pod off as gingerly as possible, a rash always appears. About 5 minutes after I’ve pealed off the pod, the area becomes red and inflamed. It a combination of itching and pain. I’ve been putting hydrocortisone on it, and it relieves about 80% of the reaction. The bummer is, the rash takes about 4 days to calm down and go away. I never put a pod in the same place two times in a row, but it’s still a bummer.

I know I’m not the only person to experience a reaction to the adhesive, and I know there are some spray-on skin barriers that have been helpful for others. I’m just too lazy to try it at this point. Some people have also suggested using a particular type of alcohol wipe prior to attaching the pod to the skin. The wipes are $20 ย per pack, and I’ve been feeling very miserly lately.

Check out the photo below of my back. Any suggestions on what I else I could apply after taking each pod off?
Diaper rash creme? Olive oil? Buttercream frosting?


8 thoughts on “OmniPod Adhesive”

  1. My son is also having pod failures a lot more often with the new smaller pods. We have had them for a little over a month and had 3 priming failures and 8 for no reason failures, which seem to be happening around the same time of day at school in the cafeteria. Was beginning to wonder if it picks up interference from something in the school cafeteria, weird.
    The new smaller size has been wonderful for him. He doesn’t seem as paranoid about people seeing it now. The pdm seems a little easier to use when you get used to it. We love the freedom of no tubes and it has taken a little stress off our relationship.

    1. Hi Sandy! A coworker of mine who also uses the Omnipod has also had a whole slue of pod failures. He’s lost 10 or more to failures, most of which are happening around 4am. It’s a real bummer. But I’ll take pod failures over messing with tubing. I’m also just trying to be thankful that we have this kind of technology at all! There will always be kinks and malfunctions, but I am cultivating patience. They’ll improve the system over time, and we’ll all reap the benefits. ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. I too have had several failures with the new pods, but that’s not nearly as bothersome as the itchy rash I get from each new pod. Mine look just like the one you have in your pic, but see to last for a week or two, slowly getting better. I have been using my thighs and upper arms in a rotation that allows the inflammation to almost totally dissipate before using that site area again. I just started googling this issue tonight and it led me to your blog. Hopefully soon I can find a viable option to take care of this issue.

    1. Mine are now lasting a week or two. When I pull the pod off, the skin welts up. It is also very dry and rough during the healing process. Keep me updated on anything you find! I’ll keep blogging on tips! I don’t think I could go back to shots or use pump with tubing just to avoid this, but it really is a huge bummer.

  3. Hello, I have a worse red welt the size of the new pod than the one you pictured in your post. After 24 hours it itches so bad I have to remove it. I did 2 months of a series of tests to determine what is causing it because the old pod did not do this and Omnipod says they did not change the adhesive. I learned that they changed the type of battery in the pod and have them placed flat as opposed to the old pod having them placed vertically. I am pretty sure it is the heat from the batteries causing this as it starts right where the batteries are placed. I am testing this now without the cannula to eliminate the cannula as a cause.
    The problem is what to do about it? I think I will most likely have to stop using the pod.

    1. The picture I posted doesn’t do justice to some of the welts I have. I’m still pretty convinced it’s the adhesive, as my welts are the exact size and shape of the adhesive backing. If it were the batteries, there would be an even distribution outward from the batteries, but mine are the telltale shape of the pod adhesive. I’d say try sticking one on but without activating it. I bet you’ll still get the same rash 24 hours later, even when the batteries aren’t powering anything! But keep me updated on what you find! ๐Ÿ˜€

  4. Before applying the pod, treat the skin with “Flonase” like product (corticosteroid) in aqueous (water) base. My son used to have a horrible reaction to the adhesive and this has made it so he has no reaction at all. (A nurse friend of mine suggested it)

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