I just finished reading Amy F. Ryan’s SHOT. I picked it up from the library on Friday afternoon, and blazed through it. It was, of course, a lot easier for a diabetic to read quickly because I already know the medical terms and the diabetic jargon.

All in all, it was a good read. It was causing me a little bit of anxiety at the beginning. She was diagnosed and sent home without any hands-on training or education. When I was diagnosed, I was pretty sick. I was deep into DKA. There was no denying that I needed to be admitted to the hospital for some serious management. But because Amy’s symptoms weren’t presenting as life threatening, they sent her away with some prescriptions and brochures.

That freaked me out. Although my education in the hospital wasn’t by any means comprehensive, I at least left with an idea of how to calculate for carbs and correction doses. Only in the following months and years was I able to piece together the nuances of diabetes. I wasn’t told about ‘stacking’ insulin until 4 months in, nor was I told about the effect of exercise on blood glucose levels until a year in.

With how many medical personnel are involved in the treatment and care of people with diabetes, I’m sure they all just assume that ‘someone else must have told them.’ I could probably write a pretty awesome comprehensive curriculum for newly diagnosed type 1 diabetics. Of course, coming from teaching students with special needs, the whole thing would be easy to understand, well designed, structured, and have tons of visual supports. Hopefully it could be ‘covered’ within a 1-2 day hospital stay, or in 1-2 days after being sent home.

Who can help me make this happen?

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