We have booked an apartment in Paris for our trip to Europe next summer. My mom, sister, and brother in law will be hopping around France, Germany, Denmark, and Sweden next July.

The plan as of right now is to fly into Paris. We will spend a week there before moving on to Cologne to reunite with our Colombian sister, Catalina, and her fiancé, Tony. After a long weekend in Cologne, we’ll head to Copenhagen to see Kis and Ole, and depending on how much time we have left, will round out our trip in Malmö to explore our Swedish roots and so I can put my study of Swedish to good use.

I have been brushing up on my French by reading news articles and watching French films. I have officially watched every Swedish language film available instantly on Netflix, and will have to start tapping my library for more. My Swedish pen pal has disappeared, and I am missing the conversation and practice. He was a good pen pal.

In addition to spending two weeks in Europe, I’ll also be traveling to Colombia for Cata and Tony’s wedding in September. They will be getting married on an island off of Cartagena. Looking forward to these great adventures!


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