Tonight my family celebrated Christmas Eve by eating and singing and eating more. The drink choices were at a minimum, so I choose diet caffeine free Pepsi. That’s how minimum the choices were. That of them all, I chose something diet AND caffeine free. In comes in that fantastically ugly gold/brown bottle. I usually go for diet so that I don’t have to give any insulin. What happened next was a Christmas miracle.

The diet caffeine free pepsi was awesome. It tasted like heaven. It was crisp and sweet. I thought, “why the heck do I drink diet coke when there’s THIS!?” So I kept drinking it. I was onto my fifth party cup and telling everyone how amazing this diet caffeine free Pepsi was, when it was pointed out to be by my cousin that it wasn’t, in fact, diet.

It was just caffeine free. So it had sugar in it.
That’s why it tasted to good. 
And then I had to give myself a whole lot of insulin to cover the 5 glasses of regular Pepsi that I drank.

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