OmniPod Adhesive Update #3

It’s probably a little early to report the results of an experiment submitted by a reader, Donna, to curb the skin reaction caused by the adhesive on the pods, but so far so good…

Donna posted a comment on my OmniPod Adhesive Update post saying that she had found a way to prevent the contact dermatitis! A nurse told her to apply a water soluble corticosteroid to the skin before putting on a pod. The water soluble corticosteroid of choice? FLONASE (Or any generic equivalent)! Yes. That stuff that you sniff in your nose to help with allergies.

As fate would have it, I’m allergic to my wiener dog, and already have myself a prescription for fluticasone. Before going ahead and using a steroid on my skin, I consulted a doctor who is a family friend. She gave me the go-ahead. So I tried it, and the result was magical.

I spritzed the fluticasone on my skin and waited until it was dry. Then I applied a new pod. The pod was on for 2.5 days. No issue with reduced stickiness. I would estimate the reaction was reduced by 80-90%! It was completely comfortable for the whole duration. I pulled the pod off today after my shower and there was no severe reaction like before. My skin used to look and feel like a giant mosquito bite. Not this time!

This really is a Christmas miracle! (And totally makes up for the Christmas Eve miracle that wasn’t a miracle at all).
Thank you, Donna!

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