What else

We’re into the third week of January, and school is cancelled for the fifth time (this month) tomorrow. The temperatures aren’t so bad in and of themselves, it’s the wind that makes it unbearable. Right now it’s -12 fahrenheit/-24 celsius, but wind has it feeling closer to -30 fahrenheit/-34 celsius.

Most students and staff can plan for this weather. We can get up early, make sure the coffee is hot in our thermos mugs, and remote-start the cars that stay outside overnight. Most of us can shove our feet in to Sorel boots and arms into Patagonia jackets and make due between the car and the door to work. That’s most of us. And while some of my coworkers are cringing at the thought of having to make up a couple of days in June, they are forgetting that there are students who don’t have the same access to amenities that make dealing with the cold a bearable experience.

Tomorrow I’ll be inside. In the warmth of my townhouse. You can find me under my Anthropologie duvet and the flannel quilt that my auntie Jan made me. You’ll find me with my arm around Nico, all four of his fuzzy paws canopying the blankets above us.

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