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Last night, Beth and I went to see Eric Whitacre at Orchestra Hall. On the way there, I saw Al Franken getting out of his car in downtown Minneapolis. I immediately smiled and waved; it was that excited 6-year-old-whole-arm-hand-flapping kind of wave. He cracked a smile and waved back at me (although much more casually).

The concert was pretty much perfect, save for my pod and PDM beeping THREE TIMES DURING THE SHOW. The first time, it beeped to tell me that it was one hour until pod expiration. The second time, to tell me it had hit the 62-hour expiration. We were seated in the back, but it was still an audible beeping to those around me. It’s not just one beep, it’s a rhythm (beep-beep beep-beep, beep-beep beep-beep). To top it off, the actual PDM emits a sustained beep when you turn it on to silence the pod from beeping. Normally it’s not a problem, but in the middle of a classical music concert, I felt very embarrassed.

The third time it beeped, it was warning me that my pod had 20 units left in it. By that third notification during the concert, I was exasperated. I considered ripping it off and tossing it into a garbage can outside. On further consideration, I realized that someone might think a beeping item with electronics in a public trash can was a bomb–something. So I left it on, and prayed that it wouldn’t beep anymore after the third disruption.

I have the PDM set to vibrate only, but some notifications will always beep, even when set on vibration. I wish OmniPod could make a silent feature available, but I suppose there are some people who absolutely need every one of those reminders.

I’m at home now listening to a recording of The River Cam, and hoping that the next time I see Eric Whitacre, that I remember to put on a completely new pod before showtime.

2 thoughts on “Leave A Message”

  1. It is WONDERFUL that we are totally awrned about the expiration time AND especially low insulin!!

    There have been times were I did NOT plan well-enough ahead and the pod was beeping in the middle of a lecture class that I was teaching.
    So what did I do, I went to my briefcase and shut down the pod. Left it on for the 45 min with getting a basal dose. I am still not the worse for wear for doing this–ONCE IN A WHILE!!

    I have worn my pod during surgeries that I had with instructions to the anesthesiologist about how to check what is going on if the pod beeps and how to disable it.

    1. The warnings are indeed handy. They always seem to happen at inopportune times for me! My students know what my beeping means and tell me, “Ms. Andrea, you need to check your diabetes.”

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