“Ah, I was like 306.”
“I’m recovering from a low.”
“How low?”
“You felt it at 60?”
“Not always, but this time.”
“Lucky, what’d you eat?”
“Three Twix bars.”
“So you’re 144 and on the way up.”
“Yeah, see you at 306.”

1 thought on “144”

  1. I ALWAYS carry Dex4 glucose tablets with me. On my case for my pdm, I have a small case that holds 4 tablets.  I also have in the car a container of 10 tablets and I may also carry another 10 tablet container in my suit pocket.  Sure I’d love to eat a candy bar in an emergency, but the tablets as familiar buddies of 4 g carbs per tablet and 15 cals.  From experience, I know what my bg is and how many tablets to take to bring it back to a REASONABLE level.  With candy bars etc., all the other items in them can make them difficult to coordinate.  BTW the Supreme Court Justice who is also diabetic also carries tablets with her.

    I had a different WILD ride yesterday with my bg.  Fine during the day (90-130 mg).  Had dinner and took a bolus for 54 grams carbs.  The dinner was home-made so I could easily count the carbs.  I should have been plus/minus 6 grams.  Not out of the ordinary!  Between 10 and 11 pm, my bg went ballistic to over 400!  I was up every 90 minutes to take more bolus to try to bring it down.  By breakfast it was down to 155. NO lunch and now getting close to dinner time it has stablized at 145. Only activity yesterday was outside doing yard work, but not anything extreme.  Should have brought it down not up! Anyone ever have a similar type of situation and how was it handled?

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