Almost all of my things are in boxes or bins for the short move to my new one bedroom apartment one suburb over. With help from mamabird and daddy, and other friends, I hope to have everything moved on Tuesday, and be unpacked by the end of the week.

I will very much miss my current place. It’s so open. My master bedroom is huge. But there is a lot of unused space here. The living room is cavernous, but almost never filled with people. The guest room is great, but people stay over less than once a month.

My new place is smaller, and more expensive (since I will not have a room mate with which to split the cost). It is on the main floor, however, with a walk out to grass. This will make Nico very happy. It doesn’t much like bounding up or down the two flights of stairs at our current place. He usually waits to be carried up (which I call giving him a transport). It’s a dog friendly complex with an off leash dog park on the grounds, so I hope we meet other dogs and humans with which to be friends.

Transitions are only as bad as they last. Soon I will be at home at the new place, and onto the next hill to overcome.

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