I’ve spent a large part of the summer up in St. Cloud. One of my most favorite things to do is fish with papa Paul out on Kramer Lake. It’s a private lake in St. Joseph. One has to be a member of a Rod & Gun Club to use boat landing.

It’s been a good summer for panfish (sunfish, crappies). It hasn’t been great for northern–we’ve only had 2. I caught a 3-inch baby bass, and an 8-inch baby walleye that were both returned to the deep. We have enough fish for the annual family fish fry thanks to my friend Sören, who over the weekend of the 4th of July, helped us snag 19 crappies and 20 sunfish for a grand total of 39.

I have also learned to clean fish independently. As daddy says, “True fisherman help clean the fish.” I can now officially bring a fish from the lake to the plate without help.

Sören, his wife Jen, papa Paul and I are all heading back out to Kramer Lake late tomorrow morning for another go. Here’s to pulling-in another 39 keepers.

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